Music can be produced in many different formats and for different audiovisual situations.
Here's a few examples of formats:

Shorter formats:

* Commercial spots TV/radio
* Jingles
* "Do-nuts"
* Stings & Links
* Signatures

Shorter formats refers to music from 1 to 60 seconds.

Longer formats:

* Scoring (film music)
* Campaign songs
* Kick-Off music
* Background music
* Music for sports events and such

Longer formats refers to more 'full' music, with duration from one minute and up.

Other formats:

* Music for web sites
* Exact musical replicas, including 100% sync to cuesheet
* music for computer- /on-line games
* Pastiche & travesty
* Sounddesign for public environments


* Sound effects
* Formate convertions
* Pitching & time stretching
* Narration/Speaker

A large number of musical samples is collected on the link "How does it sound?"

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