What's the cost?

The complexity of music varies a great deal depending on the functions it has been produced for. The amount of composing labour is also affected by the musics length, dynamics and instrumentation.

This is our preliminary price list (January 1, ). :

Shorter formats:

* Commercial spots TV/radio
* Jingles
* "Do-nuts"
* Stings & Links
* Signatures

From € 675.

Longer formats:

* Scoring (film music)
* Campaign songs
* Kick-Off music
* Background music
* Music for sports events and such

€ 675 for each minute or part of minute.

Other formats:

* Music for web sites
* music for computer- /on-line games
* Pastiche & travesty
* Sounddesign for public environments

Price depends on extent. Request quotation.


* Sound effects
* Formate convertions
* Pitching & time stretching
* Narration/Speaker

Price depends on extent. Request quotation.

Concerning statutory licensing costs for mechanical rights, please se "License & copyright".

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