Besides dancing to or to vote for in the European Song Contest, music also holds for most of us, unknown components that directly communicate to our subconscious and affect our choices, our decisions, our attitudes, yes, even our actions and behaviour!

Why are we at all affected by music?
Didn't man invent music?
How can music be used to prevent graffitti?
How can music trick us to unwillingly act in different ways?
Do we buy more french when we hear musette-accordeons?
What has Indiana Jones got to do with Turkey in the 16'th century?
Why does one song become a hit, but not the other?
Will music really make us walk faster through the store?
Will music make me pay more for a cup of coffe than silence?
Will music really strengthen the immune system?

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Örjan Strandberg will speak entertaining and interesting about how people in different ways are affected and manipulated by music; psychologically, physically and biologically. Since music by its nature is non-intellectual, it therefor cannot be intellectually argued against. Something that Örjan will demonstrate by the many tricks-of-the-trade that the movie- and advertising industry utilize in order to have us act and react in certain predestinated manners. He will talk about the letter-less language that hundreds of years of religion, opera, theater, movies, television and commercials have developed in the westerners subconscious. A language that practically everyone understands, without having any clue on what we understand. The lecture naturally includes many sounding examples, so that the listener afterwards will have a much clearer bearing on when he or she the next time will be subject for musical manipulation!

Örjan Strandberg is a professional composer, producer and sound designer. He has since 1983 producet music and sounds for hundreds of media events and in most conceivable formats; film/video, records, exhibitions, environmental sounds, industrial sounds & ringtones for celphone manufacturers, computer games, laser- and pyro shows, commercial spots for radio/TV/cinema, web-app's, kickoffs & campaigns etc etc.

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Former boardmember of Stim, Svensk Musik, Skap - Svenska kompositörer av populärmusik, SMK - Sveriges mediakompositörer, EMS - Elektronmusikstiftelsen. Regular speaker and author on musik & manipulation, copyright and sound design.

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