Who is Örjan Strandberg?


born august 22nd 1956 in Stockholm

Began playing accordeon as a 4-year old. Cello studies in school. TV-debute in 1969 in Swedish youth program 'Knuff' as songwriter and guitarist with the house band "Konjak & ljummet vatten". Started the prog-rock group Dice in 1973 together with Leif Larson (three CD's released in Japan). Music teacher in Stockholm suburbs 1977-1980. Signed songwriter at Peer Music 1978-1982. Spring/summer tour with swedish pop star Pugh Rogefelt in 1981. In 1985 he wrote and produced the LP album "Grönsakemas Hemliga Liv" together with Christian Veltman. The album featured many of Swedens greater singers and actors; Carl Gustaf Lindstedt, Lasse Åberg, Roger Pontare, Lena Ericsson, Janne Schaffer, Peter Lundblad, Ulf Brunnberg, Michael B. Tretow.

Örjan has only occasionally arranged and produced records with others; Tommy Körberg & Vicki Benckert and The World Youth Choir (1 single) 1989, Richard Herrey (2 singles) 1990, Monica Lilja (3 songs) 1990, Felix Lancelot (2 songs) 1998.

Since 1980 he works full time as music composer on assignment, producing everything from short commercials to dramatic scores for film, video, multi image presentations, exhibitions, Kick-off's etc. Has made music for most of Swedens bigger companies. He wrote and produced the music for the Swedish pavillion at the world expo in Tsukuba 1985. Has also composed the music for the congress-inaugaration ceremonies for both The Swedish Employers Confederation in 1994, as well as the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in 1996.

Larger pieces include "The Saga Of The Nordic Gods" from 1992, a 48 minute orchestral work for the laser performance "Aurora Borealis", presented to an audience of 10 000 spectators in Montreal the same year. The score was released on CD by Phono Suecia in 1993. This year Örjan participated in the Swedish finale of the Eurovision song contest, having written the lyrics to the song "Välkommen till livet" performed by Christer Björkman, composed by Michael Bolyos.

Örjan returned to Canada in 1994, now with the work "Les Saisons Suédoises", a 25 minute long orchestral piece written for Per Hultgrens fireworks performance. The same year he produced all sounding musical examples for the Bonnier multimedia dictionary. Since 1997 there is a stationary multi image installation in The House of National Parks outside of Stockholm. To Örjan Strandbergs music, the well renowned swedish photographer Anders Hanser presents 14 of Swedens national parks.

In 1999 Örjan wrote and arranged the music for world champion equistrienne Louise Nathhorst. The program had its musical base in the hit songs performed by ABBA. In 2006 Örjan produced yet another piece of showmusic for Louise Nathhorst.

In 1999, a laser show called "Urström" was performed in the evenings of the Stockholm Water Festival, to the music of Örjan. He is also the composer behind the musical score to the computergame "Codename Eagle". Örjan has also written the music for the scandinavian version of Blyton's "Famous five", released on cassette and CD.

He has been responsible for the translations and swedish lyrics for all "Disneys World On Ice"-performances in Sweden between the years 1989- 2004..

Örjans ackumulated production of music adds up to around 40 CD albums.

He was the project leader för the exhibition on swedish popular music, "Made In Sweden" shown at the Museum of Music in Stockholm 2001 - 2002.

Between 2001 - 2008 he produced many of the functional sounds for most of SonyEricssons cel phones. Within the same company - MicroSound - he also produced 'Crazy Ringtones'.

Initiated in 1989 the society Sveriges Media Kompositörer "Swedens media composers" together with Anders Neglin and Michael B. Tretow. Was between 1990 and 2005 board member in SKAP. Former board member in the Swedish Music Information Centre. Was also between 1997 - 2005 boardmember in STIM, the Swedish performing rights society. First vice chairman of Sami - Swedish artists and musicians organization. Chairman of STIK - Stockholm Innovators Association.

Happily married to Cina with whom he has a daughter Camilla.